A magical prayer for not being away from God


Father, Son and Holy Spirit Amen Wash me with the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ. Then bring to your mind the picture of Mother Mary and baby Jesus. Recall the Crucified Jesus. Make the sign of the cross. This prayer should always be there in your mind , along with this the Divine Word. Recite the prayer to St.Joseph. If you read 13 chapters for 13 days along with the above , God will certainly work wonders for you. You must definitely most bear testimony to the miracle ,if it happens in your life through the Bible Reading. Your testimony will contribute to increase the faith of several others. Our major objective should be the propagation of the Gospel to the whole world. Shibu Kizhakkekkuttu

Anyone belonging to any religion or caste but believing in the One and Only Savior Jesus Christ can be a member of this group.
Let prayers rise from pure, unalloyed minds.

Brother. Shibu Kizhakkekkuttu 

Mother Mary and Baby Jesus